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Guts N Gears Templecon 2011 review

The Guts N Gears podcast team have posted a new episode looking back at the recent Templecon 2011 Warmachine and Hordes tournament. From their announcement:
260 Warmachine & Hordes Gamers. Over a 1000 games played over 3 days. Let the good times roll. For GNG App holders for the iTune or Android apps the Cygnar Battle Engine wallpaprer Sketch has been attached. Show Notes:
  • Hordes & Warmachine World Wide Events
  • Emails from GNG listners. David Carl answers a few
  • Privateer Press Templecon Seminar! (Projector presentation edited due to visual formatt)
  • David Carl & Mouth of The South talk about the Convention
  • Jason Martin Organsied Play & Event manager for Privateer Press talks about Templecon & Lock & Load
  • -End of Part one.