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Guts N Gears Super-episode posted

The Guts N Gears, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast has posted an episode on the many fund-raising events being held world-wide. From their announcement:
With the amazing growth in the global community of Privateer Press Gamers we have put together an episode which covers some of the great events to come for Hordes & Warmacine. Please support Flood Machine. Tilaurin and co have made some legendary feats: Last minute update added $105 to the Tasmanian event, hitting a total of $8,490.5! For the Flood Machine charity event. Show Notes:
  • New sponsor Boostep and our sponsors
  • Email from Guts N Gears Listeners
  • Hordes & Warmachine open events around the World
  • UK Masters
  • Where the Sleeping Gods Lie, Warmachine & Hordes Campaign weekend recordings
Geek Nation Lock & Load tour holiday package Interview with Teras from Geek Nation Tours & Jason Martin from Privateer Press. Flood Machine Interview with a good friend Tilarin who has raised over 8000.00 Australian dollars for this great cause. Listen in to this great chap and even we are are enthused about it!! Interview with overall über cool dude & Privateer Press staff writer Simon "The Military sage" Berman, Faction military backgrounds and allot more. Templecon 2011 Finale Wrap up with Guts N Gears hosts, Andrew, Craig & Paul. Once again thank you for the amazing support from our listeners & sponsors.