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Guts N Gears puts up next episode

Guts N Gears has the next episode of their podcast up on their website.
In this episode:

Domination Legion of Everblight Review, Lore, Tactics & Battle Report.
"Guts N Gears the official podcast for Lock N Load 2012."
"Battle Foam the official bag of Guts N Gears."
"Guts N Gears, the official podcast partner of Warmachine & Hordes Gaming at TempleCon 2013"
"Guts N Gears, the official podcast partner of the 2012 New England Team Tournament."
Bigger, Better & Stronger... Roll With The Good Times!
Cast: William Shick, Doug Seacat, David Carl, Eric Castro, Phil & Mouth Of The South
Show Notes:
-Legion of Everblight suggested theme tune
- Hobby
- World Wide Events: Smog Con 2012 (past event). UK Master 2012. Lock N Load 2012. Kingdom Con & Salute
- Emails from the world wide Guts N Gears Fans
- Thoughts from two original Legion Players
- New release Model reviews
- New England Team Tournament 2012 USA (get your ticket quick before it sells out!)
- Legion of Everblight Domination Lore with Doug Seacat Privateer Press Lead Writer
- Legion of Everblight Domination Tactics with David Car development manager of Privateer Press
- Domination Battle Report: Legion Of Everblight VS Protectorate Of Menoth by Eric & Phil from North Carolina USA