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Guts N Gears posts Why Privateer Press? The Gamers Tale

Guts N Gears posts their episode about Privateer Press.

From their site:

Why Privateer Press? 2011 the people, the gamers & the gaming company.

"Bigger, Better & Stronger... Roll With The Good Times."

2 fluid Rulebooks, 11 Faction books & 2 expansion book in the MK2 era. With some allot of excellent high quality Hordes & Warmachine models.

Tune in and find out more with this end of year wrap up. We hope you have had a great year of gaming as we have had.

Show Notes:

-Guts N Gear Suggested end of year homage theme tune

- Andres & Mouth Of The South discuss Privateer Press, The games, the people and the business.

- William and the Mouth of the South look back at 2011 and also discuss the great work of the Press Gangers

- Doug Seacat Lead Writer for Privateer Press looks back within the Realm of the Iron Kingdoms and discuss favorite narratives and allot more

- David Carl Development Manager for Privateer Press looks how the new expansion books and releases for 2011 have enhanced the games and the meta and allot more on different scales of view on the meta.

Enjoy & Happy New year to all!