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Guts N Gears Posts a New Episode

Guts N Gears Posts a New Episode:

From their announcement:

Wed, 16 November 2011
Guts N Gears: Domination, Review, Lore, Tatics and Battle Report

The New Hordes Expansion Book
"Bigger, Better & Stronger Roll With the Good Time."

A Guts N Gears Megasode: Review, Lore, Tactics & Battle Report.

Cast: Andres Olivares, Ed Bourelle, David Carl, Doug Seacat & Mouth of
The South

The Domination Show:-
00:00:00- GNG suggested DOMINATION theme tune
00:03:39- Emails from the listners. Templecon, Adepticon, Lock N Load. Over view of Domination
00:53:30- Creative Director Ed Bourelle with Andres discuss Ed's gaming experience at Adepticon then they go through the production and making of Domination
01:24:37- Lead Writer Doug Seacat goes through more great lore on all the factions. Tune in as discover more about these factions and more
02:15:13- Development Manager David Carl, tune to get some great tactics & playstyle tips from the GNG team. New model entries and more.
02:57:03- Domination Battle Report 50pts. Legion of Everblight VS The Skorne Empire. Vayl Consul of Everblight Tier 4 themed list vs Master Ascetic Naaresh. (Have your domination book at hand for reference of abilities mentioned.)