Guts N Gears No Quarter 28 preview episode

The Guts N Gears, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast has posted an episode looking at issue 28 of No Quarter magazine.

From their announcement:

This podcast was recorded in the 1st class cabin train of National Express from Mansfield to London. Many thanks to the train company and National Express and the train company. Please be aware of slight background sound as we were on a moving train.

After an amazing Monster Pocalypse tournament at Maelstrom Games and being up since 5am in the morning. Andres & Sam go through a quick over view.

Also Mouth Of The South lays down how it is on Privateer Press the company, the staff, press gangers & community. Unedited fury and focus and he makes no apologies,

Show Notes:

  • Jen Ikuta & BCB
  • State of Privateer Press. From the heart.
  • Hobby content of the No Quarter Magazine Isssue 28.
  • End of show