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Guts N Gears Legion of Everblight Themed Force episode

The latest episode of the Guts N Gears podcast looks at Everblight Themed Forces. From their announcement:
Tune in to find our about worldwide events and really neat Legion themed lists by: Hacksaw, Super Monk, Snakeman & Andres. Show notes:
  • Flood Machine Charity event in Austrailia
  • UK Masters 100 places!
  • Privateer Press at Salute UK (Cerebus)
  • Nordic Masters! Register soon
  • Mayhem CUP USA results
  • Emails from GNG Listeners
  • Legion List segment
  • Theme Tune tribute to all of those who don't do too well against The Legion of Everblight
Battle Engine Retribution Concept Art wall paper for Itunes & Andriod GNG app Users