Guts N Gears Khador Force Book episode

The Guts N Gears team have posted a new episode looking at the recently released Forces of Warmachine: Khador book.

From their announcement:?

Guts N Gears. Khador. Privateer Press Doug Seacat (Lead Writer) and Privateer Press David Carl join us and talk about Khador. Khador Force/Faction book.

“Bigger, Better & Stronger… Roll with the good times.”

Show notes:

  • Andres & Mouth of the South give their initial impressions of the Khador faction force book
  • David Carl goes through the Khador with play style, tips and tactis
  • Doug Seacat explores the Empire of Khador and much more
  • Mouth of the South & Andres give their initial review of Battle Foams Warmachine and Hordes bag.
  • End of Show
  • Suggested Khador theme tune