Guts N Gears Forces of Skorne book review

The Guts N Gears podcast have posted a review of the recently released Forces of Hordes: Skorne book from Privateer Press.

From their announcement:

After 8 long hours of gaming at Mouth of the South’s gaming room. Tired but determined Andres & Mouth Of The South goes through a review of the Hordes Forces of Skorne book. Privateer Press David “The Hitman” Carl Development Manager & Doug “Epic scribe” Seacat Lead writer also join us to dive into this great addition to Mark 2 Hordes.

Show Notes:
00:01:33: Start of Show. Andres and Mouth Of The South give their opinions on the Forces of Skorne book.
00:37:35: Interview with Doug Seacat on the storyline of the Skorne
01:19.35 Interview with David Carl on the playstyle of the Skorne army.
01:53.48 End of show stuff