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Guts N Gears Forces of Hordes: Minions book review

The Guts N Gears podcast has posted a review of the Forces of Hordes: Minions book. From their announcement:
After 8 hours of nonstop painting, Mouth of the South does a late night review with Privateer Press David, Doug & Cerebus Vish. Show Notes
  • Battle Foam new P3 Bag
  • Where the Sleeping Gods Lie Campaign weekend (UK)
  • Emails from GNG Listners
  • Doug "The Sage" Seacat, Privateer Press lead Writer. Interview on background fluff on the Minions
  • David Carl Development manager for Privateer Press. Kindly extends his time with us to give us an in-depth look into the play styles of many models within the book
  • The Doctors suggested theme tune.