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Guts N Gears Episode 74 now online

Guts N Gears now has episode 74 online for your listening pleasure. In this episode:

Tune in to our much anticipated Cryx Colossal Show. Were William, Doug, David, Andres and Mouth Of The South go through the Nightmare Kingdom and the Cryxian progression through the Colossal Expansion book.

- Hobby
- Gen Con 2012
- Some Iron Kingdom RPG Stuff
- News & Reviews: Hordes Two Player sets, Duel Con 2012
- Doug Seacat Loremaster of Privateer Press on Cryx Colossal Lore
- David "Sun Tzu Incarnate" Carl on playstyle and tactics on Colossal Cryx
- Battle Report: 2 Krakens in the most bloody battle of the year. Each side was left with less than 3 models left on each side. Epic battle.