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Guts N Gears episode 66 now available

Guts N Gears has episode 66 now available on their website for your listening pleasure. In this anniversary episode:

This show is dedicated to: The gamers, Press Gangers, Matt & the Privateer Press crew.

"Here is to an amazing explosion of Warmachine & Hordes gaming over the three years of Guts N Gears. Entering the fourth year of Guts N Gears. We hope you keep rolling in the good times. We certainly will!"

-GNG Team

Cast: Matt Wilson, Doug Seacat, William Shick, David Carl, Romeo Battle Foam, Andres Olivares & Mouth Of The South.

Show Notes:

- William and David Interview some mystery guest

- Matt Wilson on Privateer Press

- Doug Seacat: Favorite fluff tid bits over the years

-Romeo's experience with Privateer Press