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Guts N Gears episode 65 now up

Guts N Gears put episode 65 up on their website. You should go listen to it. In this episode:

Cast: Jama from Battle Foam, Andres Olivares, William Shick, Peter Buxton, Doug Seacat, David Carl & Mouth Of The South

Show Notes:
Andres & William on hobby, Minions, world wide events, fan mail and more.
Peter head TO of the UK Master & Andres on the UK Masters 2012 in May.
Doug Seacat Lead wrtier for Privateer Press on Domination Minions
David Carl on Playstyle & tactics for Domination Minions
Domination Battle Report Gatormen Vs Circle Of Orobos
Andres talks to Jama @ Salute UK April 2012 about Battle Foams Warmachine & Hordes products.