Guts N Gears episode 17 posted

Episode 17 of the Guts N Gears, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast has been posted.

From their announcement:

Mark 2 Warmachine. Let the battles begin.

Guest Line up:

  • Privateer Press David Carl on Cygnar & Mk2 Temple con Hordes Field test feedback
  • Incoming Chaps CTUWC, take over the show and tell us about their amazing scenario..
  • The Devilsquid. Yann Folange and his army of doom
  • PG Andrew AKA Hacksaw, PG Paul AKA Snakeman & PG Craig AKA Lonely monk. Lay down the smackdown on Temple the future, past and present. Their background on Warmachine & Hordes and a tiny snippet on GEN CON 2010
  • “Mark 2 Warmachine is upon us, let the battles begin.” suggested theme tune