Guts N Gears: Epic Battles battle report

The Guts N Gears podcast team have posted a new episode with a battle report and a look back at the Warmachine and Hordes news form 2010.

From their announcement:

Enter epicdom, where Trollbloods clash against The Circle Of Orobos & The Legion Of Everblight against The Skorne Empire. 100 point battles. Join Privateer Press David Carl & Doug Seact with Andres & Mouth Of The South in an epic cinematic battle report tale of victory and loss. Find out which factions are Victorious for the Guts N Gears “David Carl” Hordes Showdown challenge.

Show Notes:
Andres & Mouth Of The South give a 2010 review and share some of their views looking back at Privateer Press 2010. Also find out why Andres & Mouth Of The South should not come up with Warmachine & Hordes book names.
00:51:20 – Battle Report 100 points Circle Of Orobos Vs Trollbloods : Privateer Press Lead Write Doug “The Sage” Seacat Vs Privateer Press Development manager David “The Hitman” Carl