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Guts N Gears Domination: Trollbloods. Lore, Tactics & Review

Guts N Gears posts a new episode:

From their announcement:

Guts N Gears. Domination: Troll Bloods. Lore, Tactics & Review Troll Bloods Domination Review:

"Bigger, Better, Stronger.... Roll With The Good Times."

Cast: Mouth Of The South, William Shick, Doug Seacat, David Carl & Andres Olivares

Show notes:

- Managing your painting session with Family, work and kids
-World Wide Events
- Shick Vs Mouth of The South. Game @ Templecon 2012
-Emails From listeners of the Show
- Trollblood, Domination: Lore and some deep insight into the Trollbloods military with Doug Seacat, Privateer Press Lead Writer.
- Trollblood, Domination: tactics & playstyle with David Carl, development manager for Privateer Press. We test out some combos with the new warlocks and more.
-Domination 50pt Battle Report, Trollblood Vs Gators


Direct download: Gutsngearstrollblooddominationepisode57.mp3