Guts N Gears Anniversary Show posted

The Guts N Gears, Hordes and warmachine, podcast has posted an anniversary show.

From their announcement:

Guts N Gears: Privateer Press. Part One. The Anniversary Show- Dedicated to Matt Randy

The long awaited and delayed publication of this episode has finally arrived. This episode is for all our listeners new & old. Thank you for a great year. May 2010-2011 be as fantastic journey within the Iron Kingdoms as the last & let the good times roll.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00:00: A Homage to Guts N Gears
  • 00:05:11: Andres & mouth of the south look back at one year of Guts N Gears podcasting and more
  • 00:42:25: Doug Seact Lead writer of Privateer Press , David Carl Development Manger and playtest co-ordinator & Jess join Mouth of the South in an open discussion of Privateer Press and how they both started, plus more
  • 01:31:00: ED, Creative Manager of Privateer Press joins us and gives us some great insight in the people behind Privateer Press
  • 01:48:15: Iron Bear George makes his first debut and will be with us on the show many more times before. We welcome one of the Guts N Gears family team members on the show at last and talk about Guts N Gears Video casting and allot more.
  • 02:05:30 End of Part one. Look out for part two

Guts N Gears Team Cast “The Family”: Andres Olivares, Mouth of The South, Iron Bear George, Craig “The Monk” Canton, Andrew “Hacksaw” Hartland, Paul “Snakeman” Shoemaker. Doug “The eternal Scribe” Seacat, David “The Hitman” Carl.