Guts N Gears Anniversary Show Part two

Matt Wilson from Privateer Press joins the Guts N Gears podcast team for the second part of their anniversary show.

From their announcement:

Guts N Gears Anniversary Show Part two. Please note some recording were done Prior the month of July.

Matt Wilson owner and Creative Director of Privateer press, William Shick from movies such as “Grind Tutorial” & “Monsterpocapaloza”. Vish the dappa man who can & Mike Williams EU Quarter Master for Privateer Press. Join us for our second part of our Anniversary show.

With only Matt Wilsons interview we experienced some very bad static and tried our best with the best tech to sort it out and recovered and cleaned it to the best we can, although not as smooth as we wanted.

Show Notes:
00:01:15 Interview with William Shick from Privateer Press
00:48:07 {warning this segment has sound quality issues we have tried to clean it up the best we can}Interview with Matt Wilson, please note we have salvage this segment as there was really bad static noise and we have cleaned it to the best we can to make it as listenable as possible.
01:31:51 Interivew with Mike Williams, Regarding the European scene and the UK Masters. Plus more
01:41:14 Interview with Vish, let it begin!
01:58:08 End of show.