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Guns, Dice, Butter episode 3 online

Guns, Dice, Butter now has episode 3 of their podcast available for listening.

In this episode:

Third episode of Guns, Dice, Butter

0:0:00 Introduction with Herr Dr: Feedback, review of listener survey on, preview of episode

0:31:00 Conversation with Andrew Mulholland, author of “Keeping the Colonies Royal”, a review of strategic level boardgames on the American Revolutionary War, 2008, ATO, issue 23.

0:50:00 Panel discussion with Ed Wimble, game designer and owner of Clash of Arms, Mark Herman, game designer extraordinaire and Andrew Mulholland regarding strategic level games of American Rev War.
2:08:00 Conversation with renowned gamer and host of Jerkcon, Jeff Paull
2:33:00 Wrap up with Herr Dr: news, preview of episode 4 and shout outs.
For background information on games of the ARW and links to information provided in the podcast, see

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