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Gun Metal Games starts Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter

Gun Metal Games started up (or should we say booted up?) a Kickstarter for Interface Zero 2.0, a cyberpunk RPG game based on the Savage Worlds system. They've made their base goal, so it's stretches from here on out for the next 41 days.

From the campaign:

Some of you might be new to this part of the sprawl, and you're probably wondering, "What is Interface Zero anyhow?"

Good question my friend.

Like it says in the short description at the top, IZ (that's short for Interface Zero) is a sci-fi/cyberpunk game set on Earth in the year 2090. Interface Zero is powered by Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds Deluxe System.

In this dark and grimy world of corrupt, power-mad government, greedy megacorporations and fringe science-gone-wild, you play ronin: rogue street operatives who make their living doing the things nobody else can, or will, do. You have no master, no loyalties beyond your bank balance, tomo. Your only friends are those of convenience. Your tools of the trade are computer code, high-powered weapons, combat drones, cybernetic augmentations, mental powers and maybe even a little bit of luck.