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Guillotine Games Posts Black Plague Rules Online

We all know that I think it's great when a company posts the rules for their games for free online. To me, it shows trust in their product. "We know you're going to love the game. Just read it for yourself." It lets people try out a game before they decide to buy it. Well, Guillotine Games has posted up the rules for Zombicide: Black Plague online for you to check out.

"But I have Zombicide already. I know how it plays." Ah, sure, you may have the original versions of Zombicide, but Black Plague is different. Now, the zombies are being controlled by evil necromancers who will occasionally invade the board, spawning even more zombies to attack the heroes. More than that, there's new ways the heroes can interact and new vaults that contain special equipment cards. So, sure, you may know how to play basic forms of Zombicide, but this is something rather new.

Read it all for yourself.