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Guild of Harmony Steampunk: Tinker Belle

Guild of Harmony's 'Steampunk Range' has a new 32mm release: Steampunk Tinker Belle:

From their announcement:

"So-named for her famed combination of mechanical know-how and feminine charm, Tinker Belle can often be found soaring through the skies in her efforts to repair the airships of the Confederate Fleet, or sharing a risque joke in one of the Empire's bawdier steam-taverns."

Tinker Belle is a 32mm figure now available in the Guild of Harmony online store as a limited edition resin release. The resin version is strictly limited to 350 casts, each sold with a hand-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. An unlimited metal version is also planned for the future.

More steampunk characters will be coming soon from Guild of Harmony Steampunk!