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Guild of Harmony releases Akroyd, Paranormal Investigator

Guild of Harmony has another of their steampunk line of miniatures. This one's Akroyd the Paranormal Investigator.
Insert your favorite Ghostbusters line here...

From the release:

Another 32mm steampunk miniature has finally arrived from Guild of Harmony! 'Aykroyd, Paranormal Investigator' is now available at the Guild of Harmony online store as a limited resin edition of 300 casts only.

"Spending most of his time immersed in the subterranean, maze-like sewers of New London on the trail of spiritual entities, or trawling the royal libraries for mystical apocrypha in aid of his latest ghastly case, Professor Aykroyd is consumed by his study of the supernatural.

Knowledge of Aykroyd's penchant for the paranormal has spread far and wide across the Empire. Consequently, wherever rumour abounds of something strange in the neighbourhood, spooked citizens know just who to call."

More 32mm steampunk figures coming soon!