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Guild Companion Publications releases Rolemaster Combat Minion

Guild Companion Publications has released their Rolemaster Combat Minion .pdf for your game-playing pleasures.


From the release:

Iron Crown Enterprises have just announced the release of Rolemaster Combat Minion, a brand new e-support package to help speed up and simplify combat encounters. Available from RPGNow, the license unlocks the entire set of weapon and critical tables for the RM2/Classic Rolemaster rules (RMSS/RMFRP coming soon) for use with the Rolemaster Combat Minion free web app. You can evaluate the application for free by visiting the site before purchasing the tables from RPGNow.

“Minion” is a free web app to help GMs process and track combat encounters and stats/health/wounds. It streamlines the entire combat process, including initiative, combat calculations, attack and critical tables. It can be used on any desktop PC or tablet with a normal web browser.