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Guild Ball To Update Union Set, Hints at New Season Kit

Guild Ball takes to the field with a couple updates about various things all in one place. There's a change to one of the starter boxes, some info about gaming mats, an incentive for retailers to carry the game, and a little bit about a new Season coming.

To start out with, the Union Starter Set is going to be changed up to contain Blackheart, Gutter, and Decimate. Coin will now be a blister on their own. If you want the old starter, you have until the 25th to get your order in (unless they sell out faster than that).

After that, they now have their gaming mats available over in their webshop. All of the ones for the Kickstarter backers have been sent out, so now is your chance if you missed out during the crowdfunding campaign.

If you're a retailer, they have a special offer for you as well. Qualifying orders from retailers will get exclusive Guild Ball template sets. The only other way to get these templates is by running events and demos for the game.

And last but not least (though, since it's just a tease, it's least in terms of actual info, but still, here it is...), they will be coming out with their Season 2 League Pack in September. That's all the details on that for now.