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Guild Ball Salute 2015 Deals & Limited Edition Model

Guild Ball is making their way to London for Salute this Saturday. They'd love to see you there. To entice you to stop by, they've got some special deals running, as well as an exclusive model that you can pick up while at the show. If you're a Fisherman's Guild fan, you can pick up the Kraken to stomp around and throw your enemy's figures around the pitch.

From the announcement:

SALUTE is just around the corner (25th April), so we thought we'd release information on our deals and limited edition miniatures.

Kraken, our 2015 limited edition miniature for the Fisherman's guild, will be available to pick up at SALUTE in resin (£15). Customers who aren't at SALUTE will also be able to pre-order the resin or metal version (£13.50) for delivery online during the SALUTE weekend/Monday (Saturday 25th April 00:01 to Monday 27th April 23:59).

We also have 3 on-the-day deals available at SALUTE. They are:- 2x Team Starter Sets + 1x A4 Rulebook (with sleeve) - £50*
- 1x Full Team + 1x A4 Rulebook (with sleeve) - £60*
- 2x Full Teams + 2x A4 Rulebook (with sleeve) - £110*

* Add an additional £5 for each Union team.

We are not using a pre-order/collect system for SALUTE due to time constraints and the shipping of the Kickstarter, so make sure we are one of the first stands that you visit.
Looking forward to seeing you there!