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Guild Ball Role Playing Game Announcement

Guild Ball has added some new template and carrying-case add-ons to their Kickstarter campaign as well as announced a new RPG version of the game.


From the announcement:

Some exciting news today. We have been in discussions for a while now with Modiphius about creating a Guild Ball RPG as it was brought to our attention (from you guys!) that there could be some demand for this!

We are pleased to announce today that we are absolutely going to produce this product now! When it is released...we can't say yet - but we are pretty excited about this announcement and will give people an even further insight into the Guild Ball world and the goings on behind the scenes...

Modiphius have a great track record in producing top quality RPG products and the Guild Ball RPG will be no exception. Please take a look at their current Kickstarter (which ends Sunday!) for Mutant Chronicles - its pretty epic!