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Guild Ball posts new playtest rules update

Guild Ball keeps working at making their game the best it can be and has posted up the latest iteration of the playtest rules for you to try out.

Guild Ball


From the update:

The full update to the rule set for Guild Ball Pre-Season Field Test.

What's New in Version 1.2 (See full changelog)

Added Movement section
Clarified Kick-off steps
Cleared up Playbook wrapping language
Clarified Guild Plots (shared deck and discards)
Defined Icy Sponge start point on health
Clarified point of origin for goal kicks
Added rules for players leaving the field (i.e. pushed)
Clarified Taken Out removes all conditions too
Defined 'mascots' do not get Icy Sponge token
Removed INF cost on Snap Shot!
Adjusted Icy Sponge activation order
Clarified rules for players leaving the Pitch
Clarified giving up possession whilst engaged
Defined out of activation movement into terrain
Tweaked “Come On Mate!” to be OR instead of AND