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Guild Ball - First Production Metal Quality Photographs

Guild Ball has some photos up of the first production-run metal minis they're doing for their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

So the pictures don't do the model justice but we couldn't wait until next week to share these with you! We will be getting these into the photography studio next week so expect some high quality studio shots as an update but in the meantime, enjoy.

Note, this is the final production quality...this is the model you will receive when we complete the project.

Griffin Miniatures are masters of their art and have excelled themselves with these models. The joints do not require pinning, the mould lines are virtually invisible and require only a tiny amount of cleanup.

We are now able to make a bold statement ('cos we've got the evidence in our hands) that Guild Ball miniatures will be amongst the very best minis in the world...big words, but we got the minis to back it now!