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Guild Ball Black Friday Sale Coming

A lot of you will be watching various sporting events tomorrow. I know over at my friend's place, where I'll be cooking dinner, I can guarantee that there'll be football on the TV. I'm ok with this, as I actually enjoy watching football. For some of you, there'll be sports on your tabletop. Guild Ball has been tearing up the tabletop turf on a lot of my friend's tables. I've been meaning to check it out, myself. Well, this Friday might be a good time for me to look into it, as they're having themselves a sale this weekend.

As many games consist of two halves, so will the Guild Ball sale come in two halves. The first will start at 00:01GMT, with the second coming at 17:00GMT. So be sure to stop back by and see what sort of things they have up their sleeves. They'll also have limited quantities of two unreleased Season 2 models.