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Guild Ball, a new miniatures game coming this year

Guild Ball is a new fantasy sports miniatures game that'll be coming out later this year.


From the preview:

Guild Ball - a brand new table top game that is in development for release early 2014 has started to release artwork and information relating to the game.

"The game has been built from the ground up using modern design principles and philosophy resulting in a game that is supremely intuitive to learn and yet possesses vast depths of complexity and tactical choices. Success comes with carefully constructed ‘plays’ and counter ‘plays’ with emphasis on anticipation, positioning and resource management."

"We have assembled a highly talented development team comprising creative and art talent from video games development, highly competitive tournament players and painters including one of the rising stars in British sculpting."

"We have sourced cutting edge digital pipelines to bring the highest quality miniatures to the game. We are also passionate about bringing modern business models to the world of war gaming and will be launching with a ‘free-to-play’ approach by providing a fully digital rulebook for free, planned to be regularly updated with errata and game balancing tweaks where needed to ensure you have the best possible experience."