Gruntz 15mm Previews New 15mm Mech

By bj
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Nov 9th, 2011

Gruntz 15mm previews a new 15mm Mech:

From their announcement:

A new Mecha model going into production before the new year for Gruntz.

They are called the Imperator mecha which is for 15mm Scale gaming. It is 8cm tall and will be a multi-part metal kit. The prices are yet to be confirmed but details will follow in the next two weeks about where you can buy it from.

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  • Marauder

    That’s a very cool looking mech. I need to get into 15mm…

  • Ghost

    Very nice. Models look much more appealing once they are on the workbench 🙂

    • TomasT

      Couldn’t agree more, Ghost. Every time 3d-rendered pictures are published here, I’m filled with indifference. “So, you published a jpg. Gratz!”…

      This is the real thing.

      • inrepose

        Hi TomasT, the model is not a 3d render, it is hand sculpted. The process starts with 2D artwork, followed by sculpting of a clay by carving a block down by hand into the different components.

        • TomasT

          Yes, this was the good (real) thing…

          As it should be.

  • PanzerKraken

    So they actually make and sell specific miniatures for this game or something? Just goign through their site, I find nothing about miniatures, just lot of random links.

    • Marauder

      I believe this is the first miniature specific for the game. The general idea though is to use whatever 15mm miniatures (or other scale) that you want, as there is a full fledged unit construction rules.


    • inrepose

      The game is designed to support miniatures from any 15mm manufacturer, however I will be producing a limited range of models which will be unique to the game. More details of this one will appear in the next two to three weeks.