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Grunt Games Announces Lewt Ninja

Personally, I've never played any MMORPGs. I've never had a good enough computer or internet connection. But, apparently, in them, you'd have players who would just run around and grab whatever loot they could find. These characters were known as ninjas. Well, while it might be frowned upon online, it's the object of the game in Lewt Ninja, a new card game coming from Grunt Games.

About the game:

Grunt Games LLC is the recent startup game development company by Dewayne Cameron and is based out of Grovetown Georgia. A retired U.S. Army veteran and most recently a game designer who worked developing learning games and simulators for the U.S. military. . Founded in July of 2016 Grunt Games is has been developing a table top card game which is to launch in the Fall of 2017. Lewt Ninja the title of the game was inspired by Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) looting system and the sub-cultural references to players who are known for taking items and gear from other players. In the game of Lewt Ninja 2 to 5 players can play as one of the five hero characters classes that come with the game. Each of the classes has special abilities that will help defend against or steal loot away from the other members of your group.

Players will use three different decks; the Monster, Loot, and Player decks. Players draw monster cards to determine how much loot will be dropped for players to roll on. Monsters have also have special abilities that can affect how each round can be played by either changing how loot is decided or to what cards can be played or not played during the round.