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Grumpy Wargamers, a new war gaming podcast

Grumpy Wargamers has posted their inaugural episode up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

“Not another new gaming podcast” I hear you all scream! Yes is the answer!
Grumpy Wargamers is a new show – take 4 grumpy (old) UK wargamers, add one or more spicy topics that may or may not be in the fore front of the gaming scene, bring to the boil, stir and then lightly simmer.

This weeks topics are:
Kickstarter and the effect on whether the Local Game Stores (LGS) will survive. Add some off topcis discussion such as differences between the US and UK gaming scenes, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gamin.

The show is hosted by:
Mike Marshall (Malifools podcast)
Jon Webb (Boosted Damage podcast)
Conrad EJ Gonsalves (Boosted Damage/Malifools podcast)
Our guest host in the shapely form of Dave Bartley