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Ground Zero Games Tomorrow's War Figures Available from Ambush Alley Games

Ambush Alley Games now has GZG Tomorrorw's War figures available over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

We're proud to announce that Tomorrow's War 15mm figures from Ground Zero Games are now available to US and Canadian fans directly from the Ambush Alley Games online store! This allows fans of GZG's TW figure line to avoid high international shipping costs.

You can order see and order these great science fiction figures at the Ambush Alley Games online store.

We'll only be selling Tomorrow's War figures to customers in the US and Canada, because we can save provide those customers with savings on shipping costs. Other customers should continue to purchase Tomorrow's War figures directly from Ground Zero Games.

Currently there are four forces represented by the Tomorrow's War miniatures line: The Republic of Arden, The Democratic People's Republic of Glory, the USA, and the alien Darghaur. More forces are on the way (we're currently working on the army of Brazil) and we'll continue to expand these existing lines as well. There's a lot of new stuff in the works from GZG and AAG!