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Ground Pounders, a new sci-fi game from Quickand Easy Games

Quick and Easy Games has released their new sci-fi game, Ground Pounders. They're selling it pretty cheap, too.


From the release:

As great space fleets pound each other to slag , the men and women of the infantry still slug it out on the planets. So watch your back, trooper, this is a fight for the Ground Pounders!

These rules let you simulate ground combat in a science fiction setting, without spending a fortune on overpriced models. Dark Dreams Studio's 1/72nd scale miniatures served as the inspiration for these rules and are commonly available.

In Ground Pounders, a state of war exists between two evenly matched forces, Federation and Imperial. This is a well-balanced game where tactical skill, not super weapons, determines victory. And did we mention the rules are only $3.00?