Grot Tanks available to pre-order

Forge World are now accepting pre-orders for their 40K Grot Tanks.

Grot Tank

From their announcement:

Across the Forsarr sector, whispers and rumours rise of a threat greater even than the Kill Tanks that have so decimated the Elysian operations on Kastorel-Novem.

The thunder of engines and the blast of cannons heralds the advance of a new and deadly form of greenskin war machine in numbers beyond comprehension.

Armoured tracks grind inexorably onwards, driving all before them in a storm of destruction, as greenskins cackle madly at the sheer joy of their onslaught.

This devastating Grotzkrieg has laid waste to Imperial, Chaos, Tau, Eldar and Tyranid forces throughout the galaxy, and it seems that no fighting force in Warhammer 40,000 can stand against this new Gretchin devilry. (That’s what the Grots believe, at least.)

It is with some trepidation at the horror that will be unleashed across gaming tables everywhere that we can announce the release of the Grot Tank Set which is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing June 21st. First previewed at the Forge World Open Day earlier this year, these extremely detailed and unique models have been wildly anticipated. Forge World designer Daren Parrwood has created a set of four fantastically ramshackle war machines that are complimented by four unique tank Kommandaz sculpted by Mark Bedford. The full resin kit allows you to build three Grot Tanks and a Kommand Tank, equipped with an additional hull-mounted weapon.

These new Grot Tanks are a revolution in miniature modelling and wargaming. The set contains four different variant chassis, tracks, exhausts and turrets as well as four fantastic Grot Tank Kommandaz and 5 different, incredibly shooty, weapon options. As you may have seen at the Forge World Open Day, and on the Games Workshop Blog, Forge World designer Daren Parrwood has taken care to ensure the kit is fully modular – all of the chassis, turret, exhaust, track and weapon options are completely interchangeable. This allows more than a thousand individual tanks to be built from the kits, before even considering the possibilities that rise from a bits box or other items in the Forge World range, such as Grot Crew and the recently-released Weapons Set.

Full rules for using a Grot Tank Battle Mob can be found in the Dread Mob army list included in Imperial Armour 8: Raid on Kastorel-Novem, but Imperial Armour writer Alan Bligh was so excited about the release of the Grot Tanks that he has created a deliciously unhinged Apocalypse formation that you can download here.