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Grognard Simulations releases Death Ride - Halfaya Pass

Grognard Simulations have released the Death Ride - Halfaya Pass boardgame. From their announcement:
Grognard Simulations is proud to announce that Death Ride – Halfaya Pass is to be released on 21 September 2011. Pre-orders from the GSI web store are being accepted and will ship starting 21 September. This game is a small Death Ride series game that is stand alone and can be played in an afternoon or weekend very easily. It focuses on the effort by the British 4th Indian Division to capture Halfaya Pass during Operation Battleaxe in June 1941. Even though the British brought Matilda’s against the Germans, the Germans were ready for them and had fortified the pass considerably. This game includes (2) 11 x 17 map sheets, (3) unit counter and marker sheets, bound rulebook, charts and tables, (1) d10, and lots of fast paced nail biting action to capture what the British could not. Price is $45.