Grognard Simulations release Death Ride Kursk – 11th Panzer

Grognard Simulations have released the Death Ride Kursk – 11th Panzer boardgame.

From their announcement:

Death Ride Kursk – 11th Panzer (DRK-11Pz) expands on the DRK series and will be released by 28 May.  This game covers the operations of the 11th Panzer Division, as part of the XXXXVIII Panzer Korps, as the right flank of Gross Deutschland during the Battle of Kursk.  Players do not need to own the DRK-GD game to play this as it uses different maps.  11th Panzer parallels Gross Deutschland north toward Oboyan and Kursk.  The division ran into 31st Tank Corps and elements of the 309th Rifle, 52nd and 13th Guards Rifle Divisions.  The game features such rules as Overwatch, Patrols, Reserves, and uses obstacles extensively.  Elite forces in this game include the Red Army Guards (52nd and 13th GRDs) that are shoved into the battle.  See it at

This game includes the following components:

  • (7) 11 x 17 Full Color Deluxe or Standard Map Sections that can be connected to the DRK-GD maps
  • (3) Full Color Order of Battle Charts for the 11th Panzer and 31st Tank Corps and other Red Army elements
  • Charts and Tables
  • (5) Full Color, double sided, Scenario Description Cards
  • (15) Full Color Unit Counter Sheets with over 1050 units and markers