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Grognard Simulations posts Death Ride Through Kursk update

Grognard Simulations gives us some more info about Death Ride Kursk that they're working on.


From the update:

If you have been waiting to make your pre-order coupon purchase for these games you should consider this the time to make that move. You will save an enormous amount of money with these pre-orders. In addition to getting the 3 SS games at an approximately 33% discount you will also get a set of updated maps for the existing DRK games. 1 map update for 1 SS pre-order coupon purchase. Purchase all 3 SS pre-order coupons and get all 3 existing DRK map updates for FREE. That's a $105 value alone!

This small sample of the NEW Style DRK maps that will give you a whole new appreciation for the battle area. Rich in features, and clearly showing the elevation changes, this map will knock your socks off. This small area shows the coming Totenkopf battle area, a small part of it anyway, and you can see the Psel River where the Germans made their best effort to breakout north to Oboyan.