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Grognard Simulations new coupon program

Grognard Simulations have posted details of a new coupon program. From their announcement:
Grognard Simulations is proud to announce that “Death Ride Salerno – 16th Panzer” now has a coupon available for purchase that provides the customer with a $40 discount off the purchase of 1 copy of the released version of the game. The game is due to be released in December 2011. The coupon costs $20 to buy and must be held until the product is released. It is a downloadable text file from the GSI Web Store only and will only be good for sales made through the GSI Web Store. When DRS-16Pz is released the purchaser may redeem the $40 when purchasing the game. This game will see some fantastic enhancements to the Death Ride system and the entire project is going to make all other Salerno games look like kids games. See it on our website and get your discount in place as it will be withdrawn shortly before the game is released.