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GrogHeads has put a call out for papers that have to do with Games/Gaming. They're trying to make a repository for such Academic writings to be used as a resource for future research.
I'm interested in seeing what research has been done as well, since when I was working on my History Master's, I was going to look into a topic along those lines.

From the call:

Here at GrogHeads, we’re kicking off a new monthly series on Research and Gaming. The first of these papers was published in early August, and we plan to follow with one each month. And we’d like you to submit your research to us. We’re not a peer-reviewed journal, but we do have some academics on our staff and among our “Friends of GrogHeads” network that include PhD’s in history, political science, and business, as well as other grad degrees in social sciences and the humanities. So if you’ve got something interesting that you want to share, here’s your chance. Email us your papers at research-at-grogheads-dot-com . Make sure you include all of your citations and footnotes in the document, and attach any graphics as separate files. We will also need a short bio from you about who you are and how people can contact you. One great way for people to contact you is to create an account in our forums, so that you can join any discussions of feedback that go on there. We even have an area dedicated to references and research.