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Gripping Beast Saxon Thegn pre-orders and decals

Gripping Beast have announced that they are shipping pre-orders of their Saxon Thegn plastic sets and also have new decals for the models. From their website:
We now have the Saxon boxes here at Beast Towers and have spent a busy couple of days packing all the pre-orders. These have now all been posted and should be with you very shortly. As the box is officially released on 24th January 2011, the web-site will still be accepting pre-orders this weekend so for anyone who has yet to get their order in, do so while the box is on pre-order as you will also receive a free metal thegn sculpted by Bill Musketeer Thornhill. After the set is released, this figure will only be available free with multi-box deals (which are also available to pre-order). LBMS Saxon Transfers To complement the new plastic Saxon Thegns, Steve at LBMS has produced three new shield transfer sheets plus a banner'n'shield combo sheet. These are all now available to order on the web site and all pre-orders for them have been shipped. The shield transfers (12 different designs per sheet) are £3.00 each, and the combo sheet is £5.00.