Gripping Beast preview plastic Vikings

Gripping Beast have posted previews of painted samples of the three-ups and box art for their upcoming 28mm plastic Vikings. BoxArtVikingsFrontSmaller.jpg From their announcement:
The Warriors Of Odin are the first of our multi-pose hard-plastic figure sets and are released at Salute this year (24th April). This new box set contains parts to assemble 44 Hirdmen variously armed with swords, spears, hand-axes and Dane Axes. Also included are extra parts to turn two of your warriors into Viking Lords and two into horn-blowers. The box also contains a sprue of plastic bases to accommodate all 44 and 4 paper banners. Price per box, £18. Exciting as they are, the plastics will not be the only release for the Vikings at Salute this year. We will be accompanying them with a longship's worth of additions to our already extensive range of metal Vikings, including some splendid new character figures. Details of these will be announced in our next newsletter when we shall also be letting you know about all our other new releases for Salute.