Gripping Beast Pick Your Own Army Deal

Gripping Beast have added a Pick Your Own Army Deal feature to their online store.

From their website:

Pick Your Own Army Deal
We have added an army deal here which allows you to pick any four unit deals from across any of our ranges (choices do not have to be restricted to one range.) We will then add a suitable Army General and Army Standard Bearer plus 8 skirmishers for free.

All you have to do, once you have hit the buy button and completed the transaction, is send us an email with your name and order number as the title and tell us which four units you would like. Also let us know which army you would like your FREE miniatures for – this is important as you can pick any four from the many on offer. EG Republican Hastati x 2. Viking Hirdmen x 1 and Teutonic foot x 1.

Making It Easier
To make things easy for our new unit-based army-deal we’ve decided to bring all our unit deals into line regarding pricing and figures per pack.

This means that all unit deals inc Polemarch nowl have 24 foot or 10 cav and cost £25 per unit.