Gripping Beast At Triples & Saute

Gripping Beast have sent details of their planned releases and products for their appearances at Triples and Salute 2010. From their announcement:
This year we have a whole heap of new releases for Salute. Follow the link to our Salute Page to see pictures and full details, but in brief. From GB we have,of course, the plastic Viking Hirdmen box set and the newly reorganised and expanded range of metal Vikings (featuring many new models and the return of a few old favourites....) We also have a spectacular new Hero Of The Viking Age, Ragnar Lothbrok. From Polemarch we have 7 new packs of cavalry (including assorted Companions & the Seleucid Cataphracts) plus three General & Battle Standard Bearer packs ( including Ptolemy II, Phillip V& Antiochus The Great.)
From TWDC we have WW1 British Section Pack 2, which has chaps in 1914 leather pattern webbing, serge jackets (or indeed Kharki Drill, turndown collar) and shorts. Hurrah! There are also the first releases from the WW1 French range featuring Officers, NCOs, Bombers, HMG and a Section Pack. All these figures come in regular kit as also worn by the colonial troops. The figures come with separate heads with options from Adrien , kepi, FFL, Light Infantry, Marine, Zouaves & Senegalese. Also, pictured here, we have the new ANZAC Battalion Command that makes its debut at Salute. We will also have the full range of LBMS transfers and banners for GB and many other manufacturers. Special mention must go to the lovely new Mid-Late Saxon banners, new Viking banners and new Viking shield designs suitable for the plastic Viking box set. Last but not least we have our new foam storage trays and carrying case. Very good quality and yet amazing value, these will go really quickly, which brings me onto... A Plea For Pre-Orders Anyone who has been to Salute will know that it can get very very busy and that by far the best thing to do is to PRE-ORDER anything you want to buy. That way, not only do you guarantee to get what you're after, but it also means that the pressure to rush about trying to get things before they sell out is off and you can enjoy looking at the games and hunting out new shiney things. Triples – 17/18 April in Sheffield at the English Institute of Sport Salute - 24th April in London at Excel – stand number TK15