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Gripping Beast announces first expansion to Saga: Dark Age Skirmishes

Gripping Beast has the expansion to their Saga: Dark Age Skirmishes game all lined up. Plus, if you pre-order you get a cool fig. Why not go and do that now?

From the announcement:

'Northern Fury' is the first expansion for Tomahawk Studio & Gripping Beast's 'SAGA: Dark Age Skirmishes' and it is now available to pre-order.

'Northern Fury' contains details of four new factions for your SAGA games: the Bretons, the Jomsvikings, the Scots and the Anglo-Saxons. Along with a description of each faction, there are all the rules you need to muster yourself a warband (including new Heroes,) plus of course a brand new Battleboard for each faction. Each of these new factions presents new and interesting challenges, both to command and to face across the table.

Also in 'Northern Fury' is a new, multi-player scenario called 'Wooden Oaths.' Multi-player SAGA games are great for club-nights and bring their own set of challenges and rewards and this scenario is a great way to start if you've never tried multi-player SAGA games before.
'Northern Fury' is 22 pages, full colour and comes with 4 separate card Battleboards and is £12. It is released on 3rd April 2012.
At the same time, Gripping Beast will be releasing new Starter Warband sets for the Anglo-Saxons, Bretons, Jomsvikings & Scots, plus re-enforcement figure packs for the new factions and some new SAGA dice for the Scots. These are available to pre-order now.
Pre-Order 'Northern Fury or any of the new 'Northern Fury' based deals from Gripping Beast and get a FREE limited edition Scots Warlord sculpted by Bill McThornhill.