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Grinning Skull Miniatures Launched from has launched a new line of minis they've called Grinning Skull Miniatures.

From Barking Irons:

We have been a bit quieter than usual here at for the last few weeks. You might ask why. Well a couple of things firstly the massive response to the free shipping offer which had us running about like mad men for quite a while and secondly... well we have been working on releasing a new range for all you great gamers to get in on. That range is now here and its called Grinning Skull!

Grinning Skull is the despotic brain child of designer Will Grundy and is a 15mm scale range that features all kinds of strangeness and cult looking miniatures. Today we have released the first twenty four miniatures from the range and over this year we have many, many more to come. The initial twenty four feature not only space aliens at home in any setting but also the bacon flavoured bullies of the Oggum War Pig's. Each miniature is only 1.00GBP, the average Oggum is eight foot tall in 15mm scale (making him 20mm in white metal), and we have a great value starter pack containing one of each of the miniatures and offering a saving of ten percent off single purchase.

Grinning Skull is going places and will be a range to watch. Head on over to the range's page on our website for images of all the miniatures front and back along with scale photos and links to free downloads and resources.