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Grinning Skull 15mm Oggam War Pigs Miniatures project on IndieGoGo

Grinning Skull has an IndieGoGo campaign up and running in order to fund the creation of some 15mm Oggam War Pigs minis.

From the campaign:

Grinning Skull Miniatures is proud to present a new unique range of 15mm White metal science fiction wargames figures. Introducing the Oggam, a vile and despicable race of humanoid pig creatures to unleash on your foes, even on other Oggam! In the works are a set of 15mm Oggam war pigs useable in any rules systems, RPGs or simply for display. Grinning Skull intend to create an entire line of different Oggam troop types in the future, including Rocket troops, Power armoured troops, Snipers & specialists, and more. We need your help to create the first line and if it proves successful, any profits we make will go into getting other lines produced to add to the range. We also hope to create other alien ranges to complement the Oggam, as protagonists or simply as additional enemy forces for your own games. The expected timeframe for this project will hopefully see the first of the models(unpainted sets) going out at the end of November, while the rest of the other painted sets being done for 2 weeks before Christmas (Ideal as a gift for a wargamer/RPGer)