Grindhouse Games updates Incursion Kickstarter with pledge manager

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Aug 11th, 2013

Grindhouse Games posted their pledge manager preview for their Incursion Kickstarter campaign up so you can see how you can order things.

From the update:

We have uploaded our pledge manager version 1.0. It’s a work in progress but we think it clarifies things substantially. Please take a few moments to read through it and calculate what your pledge amount should be! There are lots of little clarifications throughout. We’ll be tweaking the format and adding imagery as we go.

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  • joshuar56

    Nothing is going to help the fact that they are WAY overpricing this game.

    • Helljin

      If the pricing structure of this game bothers you so much why don’t you ignore it and go away? Unless you’re just looking for something to troll…

      • joshuar56

        Wow didn’t take you stalkers long… You just can’t stand the fact that someone might have some REAL criticism for the game can you? You gotta come to the rescue right? Why don’t you spend some of this time you waste watching the internet to defend Incrusion’s honor, outside? Some fresh air would do you good.

  • joshuar56

    All I can say is, hope you irrational fanboys enjoy your KS that has fallen flat on it’s face due to the greed of the creators. That game has almost 0 cost associated with production other than mold creation. Because the miniatures were already sculpted and the cards/board were already created YEARS ago, yet the creators are asking for more than just about any KS board game I have seen. On top of all that they are using a soft (by comparison) and average materiel to produce the minis in. Which is ok for board game pieces, but they are charging tabletop prices. And if you don’t think they were trying to gouge the crap out of people, please explain how their stretch goals were spaced out every 25k-50k to start with, and after they saw people weren’t buying it, they dropped them to 5k-10k. Nothing changed, yet they can afford to drop the stretch goals that much? That means they were trying to gouge the crap out of people, and now they are gouging people slightly less when they realized they weren’t going to come anywhere near the 1million they had hopped.

    A word of warning to any potential backer, be very cautious. This project creator has shown time and time again how greedy they are. With the above mentioned issues, and the fact that they have stated they want to cut distributors out completely so they can make more money. They also want retailers to pay THEM for the right to carry their products. So far only 5 retailers have backed this project. The fan boys will come on here and attack me, because they can’t defend the project and it’s creator, and their greedy greedy greediness.

  • Lexthilian

    Honestly, I don’t see anything different in what they are doing, then what GW does. I’m not saying that I disagree with you, actually I DO agree. What I have seen over the years, especially from Miniatures games, is a customer attitude of; the company kicking their customer base in the crotch, and the customers then handing them money and saying “Thank you sir, may I please have another”.

    But, oh well, I guess some of them are happy with it.

    • joshuar56

      It’s just a shame their greed actually cut their legs out from under them. I think the project could have been successful. But thinking that most kickstarter backers were going to pay $275 to get everything was absurd. Thinking that retailers were going to pay them $25 for the honor of getting to sell their products was just stupid.

      • Ghool

        It’s almost at 90k, which is 15k more than they asked for to fund it.

        Yeah. They’re campaign completely failed.

        So the guys are trying to do business and make some money while doing it. Why is it such a huge deal to you? Don’t back it. But please, just stop yer whining.

        • joshuar56

          The fact that it won’t do nearly well enough to make it to anything but a handful of retailers tells me it won’t be a success. Not a success like the creators initially thought it would be. They had stretch goals all the way up to one million. With things as is, it’ll be luck to even hit 200k, and 150k is much more likely. So yes, it’ll get funded. That doesn’t necessarily make it a success. If you don’t like my criticism, then move on.

          • winter

            Nope, still a troll

          • joshuar56

            Like I said, they can’t defend the game, so they attack me… Pretty sure that makes you the troll.

          • Soulfinger

            Party hats!

          • Ghool

            Nobody’s attacking you.

            I’m just not quite sure you feel compelled to badmouth and deride every single Kickstarter you don’t like or agree with that’s posted on TGN, and troll the comments of said Kickstarters as well.

            You have a wallet man.

            Use it to cast your vote for the products you do or don’t like. It’s quite simple really, but it seems you’d rather continue to argue a point relentlessly everywhere with some false hope that people will actually listen and agree with you.

          • supervike

            All kickstarter should not be compared to all others, it’s not just a cookie cutter process that indicates failure or success. That’s just flawed logic to treat them as such. This is a niche game that appeals to a much smaller audience. The only folks qualified to deem whether or not it was successful, would have to be the game makers.

          • Ghool

            Dude. It’s funded.
            Like it or not, that makes it a success.

            If they had stretch goals to 1 million posted just shows they’re prepared for anything that comes. To me that shows organization, and forethought.
            You’d figure that an organized, and well thought out campaign with preparedness would be a success…oh wait….it is.

            Regardless of your opinions about how well run it is, it reached funding with three weeks left to go. And it’s likely your trolling had almost zero effect.

            I backed it, and find the price well within the range of a small niche game that it is.

          • KelRiever

            I understand joshuar56’s point. Now, that doesn’t mean that it was wrong for the company to give it a go, and look, they met their target. But it looks like a bad deal to back, and it has the signs of being a one shot with no follow up. In other words, sort of like Dread Fleet. Just because it was kickstarted, and even successfully kickstarted, doesn’t mean this game will be around to last. For people who bought into it, hey, I do wish them all the luck. For me, this one would be a ‘wait till it his the shelves and people play it’ product. Definitely worth the waiting to see in my book.

          • KelRiever

            Yes, btw, I know Dread Fleet wasn’t kickstarted. The comparison is just between one shot boardgames.

          • Bewulf

            You do know that Incursion has already been around for a few years and has quite decent ratings and this Kickstarter is for getting an upgraded 2nd edition out?

    • supervike

      I don’t follow your logic here. Grindhouse is kicking me in the crotch, how, exactly? I don’t spend any money I’m not comfortable with, and although I’ve enjoyed Grindhouse’s products, and their customer service, I certainly don’t feel beholden to them.

  • Nosaj Verush

    I have not and do not plan to back this, although it is cool. So I feel like I can say without being accused of bias that this guy is soooooooooo tiring.

  • supervike

    I don’t find the pricing to be over reaching at all, so I’m confused by the sentiment. This is a small game company trying to keep alive a really wonderful game. The core game sans minis cost $50 back when I first bought it. I never felt cheated in the slightest. Games with small production runs HAVE to have a slightly higher price, that’s just plain economics.

    The Kickstarter is allowing these guys to put out a game that includes the minis, the way they always envisioned it. I’m assuming plastic tooling isn’t cheap. Either way, for $100 bucks, you get the game, any freebies, almost 40 minis and free shipping (US).

    How is that ‘way overpriced’ at all? It’s a premium product from a small company.

    Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion, although I’m not sure why it is so important to share that opinion at any and all opportunities.

    This is a good game with fun concepts and a heck of a lot of ‘growth’ potential. I’m happily a backer.

  • BlazeXI

    I have decided agains the game when it was first launched and regreted it a bit. I agree with the fact that the strech goal levels have been lowered significantly. For non us people the shipping is expensive. I am still waiting to see how the campaign develops. The weired WW2 is really tempting setting, yet the game is basicly a space hulk variation. Oh, and how could they not make the T-shirt with Gretel the sm-ss chick.

  • For me, I don’t feel comfortable with the pricing, especially when all I need are the minis, and if I want, the SNAFU expansion.

    However, a main drawback on that for me is that SNAFU is just a poster of the board. Not even a real board.

    In addition, the product has been made in the past- No need for the cost of creating the items, as they were created- Sculptors, painters, artwork, etc. For that reason, I feel the price investments for this KS were higher than I am/was willing to go.

    I love the game, as I own the original. This KS just doesn’t do it for me.

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      But then nobody would ever see my posts.

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  • Doesn’t anyone monitor the comment section anymore?

    • Actually, I do.
      That being said, the way I see TGN, it’s about being able to speak your mind on a subject and tried to be rather “hands off” with moderating the comments to news posts. There are certainly occasions where posts have been modified or deleted (just as Soulfinger. 😉 ), but it is not very often.

      Now, we could get into a discussion about “how much moderation is the right amount” but that’s a conversation for another time.

    • grimbergen

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      I don’t see anything happening in this thread that would have been moderated in the old TGN days…. anytime we had GW news the same flames would be ignited…

      • Soulfinger

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